Retirement Planning

Michael will design a tailored made retirement plan designed to help you reach and maintain your financial independence goals.

Wealth Management

Michael will develop an investment road map designed to help you grow and preserve your wealth by focusing on strategies that are driven by these five main principals:

  1. Research driven approach.
  2. Timing the market usually doesn't work.
  3. Invest don’t speculate.
  4. Value trumps growth over the long term.
  5. Having an effective risk management strategy is essential in order to be a successful investor.

Risk Management Strategies

Proper risk management and insurance planning are critical components to a proper financial plan. Michael will evaluate current insurance planning strategies and if needed develop new ones to help protect your assets in the event of premature death, disability, long term care needs, and other health related risks.

Legacy & Estate Planning

Michael will help articulate your estate and legacy planning goals to make sure your financial independence is shared by your family, friends, and charitable organizations. As a trusted advisor, Michael will work closely with your estate planning attorney and tax professional to help you pursue all of your estate and legacy planning goals.

Tax Planning

While Michael does not prepare tax returns, he does provide many ways to help reduce current and future tax liabilities for his clients. Michael believes that it is not what you make, it is what you keep when it comes to effective tax management. There are multiple tax minimization strategies that Michael uses including tax loss harvesting, tax lot accounting, gain & loss offset. Michael also uses some of the largest and well regarded municipal bond strategies that may be tax advantaged. Michael also has a strategic relationship with a 50-year-old family owned accounting firm, this allows Michael a unique way at evaluating and developing an effective tax planning strategy for his clients. If you already have a tax advisor Michael can communicate with them to help you pursue your tax planning needs.

Employee Benefits

Michael has the resources and knowledge to provide sophisticated employee benefits programs to small and large businesses alike. Michael will work with you to put together a tailored made plan that looks to evaluate all of the risks and rewards in establishing a comprehensive benefit package for your organization. Whether you are a small or large business looking to open up a 401k plan, group medical plan, group disability plan, or set up a custom executive benefits package, Michael has the tools and resources to help you design a plan better suited for your firm.